Casper de Mooy

“Attention makes everything more beautiful.”

Need to haves

  • Authenticity
  • Critical eye

Nice to haves

  • Knowledge of and experience in the pension sector
  • Careful and involved

If you knew me very well, you would know this about me…

If I didn't work at Whyz, I'd probably own my own antique furniture business. Or I would take a non-stop world trip with my family. I prefer to be on the road with my family, if possible to an Eastern destination to travel without a plan. I have two children with Maaike, Maartje (2007) and Teun (2011).

Whyz & Casper

Whyz loves quality and sees mediation as a profession. A profession in which authenticity, guts and a critical eye are important. A profession in which attention to customer and candidate makes the difference. And that fits me perfectly. After all, attention makes everything more beautiful. With more than ten years of experience in the pension sector, I am particularly committed to this sector and contribute to making it 'future-proof'.

Casper in one word

  • Constructively stubborn

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Casper de Mooy