The traditional business model of energy companies is under immense pressure because of the effects of worldwide technological innovations and the transition to sustainable energy. Sustainable energy is replacing fossil fuels and energy networks are being transformed from top-down centralised systems into far more interactive, as well as decentralised and fragmented networks. Grid operators are experiencing more interactivity and contact with their clients. The energy consumers of the future will be increasingly involved in how and where their energy is generated. Competition is growing rapidly for traditional grid operators.

Households are increasingly making provision for their own energy needs and new providers are entering the market with innovative value propositions and revenue models. In addition, grid operators are playing an important role in the energy transition. It is a question of adapt or die for energy companies in this changing market. This also calls for a different type of professional. Whyz knows the market and is therefore capable of finding the right candidate to help clients get ahead in these turbulent times.

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