Irene Wuring

“Choose a point of view. And be able to change it "

Need to haves

  • Conjuctive
  • Involved
  • Results orientated

Nice to haves

  • Curiousity
  • Observing
  • A bit rebellious

If you knew me very well, you would know this about me…

“Counting elephants in Africa” This phrase is a life metaphor for me. This expresses my love for Africa and implies that I dream of a house in Africa from which I am involved in wildlife protection. And then enjoy this wealth and the people who are dear to me from the porch on a swing against the background of this beautiful scene.

Besides a dream, this is also an imagination of what I like to do and who I am. It answers an important motivation of mine; always looking to learn and develop. And I like to be with family and friends to enjoy the beautiful pleasures of life.

Whyz & Irene

Powerful energy with a focus on moving forward. Shared enthusiasm to learn new things. And a shared drive for genuine connections and results for all involved.

Irene in one word

  • Sincere

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Irene Wuring