The Dutch banking sector has been undergoing an unprecedented process of change since the financial crisis of 2008. In addition to the tightening up of laws and regulations and increasing pressure on cost control, the banking sector is also seeing an increase in the number of new entrants to the market: from fintech to Big Tech. New players and existing banks are introducing more and more new products and services thanks to technological developments such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Where do you find inspirational leaders who are capable of ensuring this transformation runs smoothly? How do you connect these leaders to your organisation? Whyz helps you transform and knows where to find the inspirational leaders of tomorrow.


Stagnation or progress? The pensions sector has changed almost beyond recognition since the start of this millennium in the area of governance, the diversity of pension funds and regulations, and in the developments originating in technologisation and robotisation. Progress aplenty! And the switch to a new pension scheme? That certainly felt like stagnation for a long time. Meanwhile, there is more than enough evolution visible with the development of the reform framework. Will all these changes restore confidence in the sector?

The system will stall without the confidence of contributors. And whether it is the manager or the customer services employee: only the people who work in the sector can elicit that confidence. They can change perception by demonstrating sincerely that the pensions sector revolves around its contributors; by being transparent, by understanding where the weaknesses lie, and by not making it more complicated than necessary. In collaboration with its clients, Whyz determines which professionals are required to take on the challenges in each domain of the pensions sector.

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