Pensions & Institutional Asset Management


Stagnation or progress? The pensions sector has changed almost beyond recognition since the start of this millennium in the area of governance, the diversity of pension funds and regulations, and in the developments originating in technologisation and robotisation. Progress aplenty! And the switch to a new pension scheme? That certainly felt like stagnation for a long time. Meanwhile, there is more than enough evolution visible with the development of the reform framework. Will all these changes restore confidence in the sector?

The system will stall without the confidence of contributors. And whether it is the manager or the customer services employee: only the people who work in the sector can elicit that confidence. They can change perception by demonstrating sincerely that the pensions sector revolves around its contributors; by being transparent, by understanding where the weaknesses lie, and by not making it more complicated than necessary. In collaboration with its clients, Whyz determines which professionals are required to take on the challenges in each domain of the pensions sector.

Institutional Asset Management

The world of institutional asset management is evolving rapidly. Asset management organisations are changing, as are the needs and expectations of (potential) clients. The balance between less complex and future-proof is becoming increasingly important to asset managers. Is it advisable to outsource non-core activities? Does a development like robotisation primarily provide supportive value, or does it replace activities that are currently still being carried out by specialists? What does individualisation in the pensions sector mean for the role of the asset manager? Will they be asked to focus directly on the end client instead of the current client, the pension fund? Moreover, performance for (potential) clients still remains essential.

In addition, the way the asset manager performs is of importance. Are the financial and non-financial risks managed effectively? Is the business model sufficiently cost-focused? Whyz has seen with various clients in this sector that being in control is just as important as a strong front office. Our added value lies in showing clients how a good balance between traditional asset management specialists and new incumbents in areas like risk management, communications and IT together ensure strong and future-proof asset management. Whyz enjoys offering input to assist clients in determining which professional is the best match for them.

Track record