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In the world of tomorrow, clients share cars, drones deliver packages within a few hours if the client wants that, and 3D printers ensure real-time delivery. Blockchain driven platforms provide an insight into the origin of products and the authenticity of luxury items. Work in warehouses is increasingly automated. Packages are equipped with sensor technology and GPS so their location is known at all times.

Consumers are demanding and expecting more and more. Viewing, purchasing and exchanging needs to be possible via different channels. To be able to fulfil these client expectations, products need to move through the supply chain at a far higher speed and the supplier must be able to serve clients optimally at home without losing sight of sustainability in the process because clients also expect that of the companies with which they do business.

Participating in this changing world requires a real-time insight into not only the supply chain, but the behaviour of the client too, particularly in terms of how they navigate from one sales channel to another. Significant organisational changes in the logistics and retail sector are required for this, including the application of strong data analysis capabilities. A future-proof organisation is hyper-connected, monitors new developments continually, and collaborates across all chains. It uses smart algorithms to analyse and make the world more sustainable and requires flexible employees who develop new services and products quickly. In addition, the company of the future has at its disposal approachable, inspirational leaders who dare to think outside the box.

Who is best equipped to lead this transformation of your organisation? Where do you find these inspirational leaders and how do you connect them to your business? Whyz helps you transform and knows where to find the inspirational leaders of tomorrow.

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