Housing Corporations & Real Estate

Housing corporations

The shortage of affordable housing has long been one of the biggest political and social challenges. Housing corporations play an important role in this: their service is crucial for a large number of people in the Netherlands. In addition to building and renovating homes to create affordable and available living space, housing corporations must also focus specifically on elements such as sustainability and viability. There is tension between the task of housing corporations and the means available. Additionally, there are different stakeholders with diverse interests: a housing corporation must strike a balance between the interests of tenants, the government, and its own desire to innovate and offer increasingly higher quality. It is precisely this type of dilemma that makes a sector interesting to Whyz.

As soon as someone starts renting via a housing corporation, their ‘compulsory’ customer journey starts. Whyz understands social housing and knows the different interests at play. Whether it concerns social issues, finances, or the rights and obligations of tenants: we unite the integral interplay between these elements with the wishes of our client. In doing so, we focus on getting to know the vision and mission of every unique housing corporation and its tenants to find the right candidate for a supervisory, administrative or board /management role. We pay particular attention to the impact that technological innovations like digitisation and robotisation have on the real estate sector.

Real Estate

Smart cities, smart homes and offices combined with intelligent infrastructure serve as the basis for the society of the future. Real estate will always be there, but how do we manage the changes around us? A changing climate and growing world population, globalisation, digitisation, urbanisation and livability, evolving housing preferences and political choices, the growing entry of overseas investors and self-managing buildings are just a few examples that have a great impact on the real estate sector.

And what is the effect of tokenisation of real estate and the centralisation and trade of building data on a blockchain platform on the business models? How do you lead a real estate company in the midst of all these changes? Whyz’s focus is on getting to know the vision and mission of the different real estate companies in order to connect the right talent in the market to them.

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