Non-departmental public bodies

The services of non-departmental public bodies is a widely discussed subject. When things go well, you rarely hear anything in the media. But if something goes wrong, it becomes national news straight away. All Dutch citizens have to deal with crucial services from multiple non-departmental public bodies. Non-departmental public bodies are organisations that manage a great deal of sensitive data. That means these organisations come under scrutiny and are vulnerable to external cyber attacks.

Non-departmental public bodies are connected to the government and are, at the same time, organisations that adopt a business approach to their clients. Whyz enjoys researching what services the target group expects of a non-departmental public body and finding the right professionals for that. We believe a non-departmental public body benefits from candidates with experience in both government and the business sector. Clients of non-departmental public bodies deserve the same service provision as clients who can choose a service provider.

Client focus and efficiency go hand in hand with large executive agencies like non-departmental public bodies. Operational excellence is of the utmost importance, without losing sight of the client in the process. Digitisation, data management and robotisation are developments that non-departmental public bodies cannot avoid. Diversity is high on the list for non-departmental public bodies; because of the link to the government, they serve as role models and are in a position to accelerate transition in this area. Whyz believes in the importance of finding the best candidate for the position, also in terms of diversity and an inclusive working culture. We bring candidates with diverse backgrounds and with varying experience to the attention of non-departmental public bodies.