The corona pandemic has only underscored the enormous social importance of the healthcare sector while at the same time painfully exposing a number of flaws in the system. This pandemic is an important catalyst for the transformation that was already in the pipeline. From the aging population and new technological possibilities to changes in legislation and regulations: changing demand for healthcare and rising healthcare spending make sector-wide reform essential. And whatever shape that transformation takes, the human factor – whether it concerns patients or healthcare employees – will need to be central.

Labour is becoming scarcer and the need for innovations and technology that increase labour productivity is increasing. Many organisations in the sector are aware that this cannot be done without a change in culture and that innovation and technology can be very profitable for patients, employees and organisations at the same time.

Due to the many changes in the sector, a more professional and business-like approach and management are necessary, obviously with consideration for the human perspective. Whyz looks forward to working with its clients to determine which professionals are essential to make the difference and to make connections at every level.

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