Name: Faisal Setoe
Profession & company: Managing Director | HDI Global Specialty SE
Quote: "One of my favorite leadership wisdoms is that a pessimist complains about the wind, an optimist expects the wind to change direction, and a leader adjusts the sails. In a fast changing world personal leadership will become more important. Adjust your own sails when needed and aim to keep on moving. Then you keep on traveling and quoting a wise man; that is more important than the destination.”
Name: Bianca Knispel – Teuling
Profession & company: Director Private Claims | NN
Quote:"Leaders of the future are the people who realize change with conviction and courage. Those who appreciate the unique skills of others and by mobilizing them to reach a certain goal. It is not the title or the level of salary but the passion of people that allow organisations to change."
Name: Bjørn Kemerink
Profession & company: Director Business Platforms | Ordina
Quote: "Focus not only on your own capabilities, but focus on what you want and show this to other in order to guide them. Transforming them to let their 'real' quatities surface but with the necessary fun in order to create a team that has the same vision and strives towards the common goal."
Name: Margreet Teunissen
Profession & company: Director & Supervisor of healthcare institutions & pension funds The National APF and Public Libraries
Quote: "The supervisor of now and the future delivers value by looking as a stakeholder, beyond their position, to the organisation (and its network) on a strategic level. Soft skills are indispensable. Courage, reflection, an open mind and authenticity are needed, next to knowledge and skills."
Name: Mohamed Acharki
Profession & company: Director | Zayaz
Quote: "Society in this day and age needs leadership that enables people to contribute, in their own ways, to a more sustainable society. So called authentic leadership."
Name: Wendy de Ruiter
Profession & company: Managing partner | Lexence lawyers & notaries
Quote:"In my opinion, future leaders should have a strong focus on inclusion, virtue and agility to ensure their organisation remains relevant in a rapidly changing society.”
Name: Linn Musters
Profession & company: Director of operations | Unigarant – ANWB Insurances
Quote: "Leadership to me is creating new leaders. You are effective if you are able to do so. The most successful leaders approach this is in a way that completely suits them. Only then will you excel. I, myself achieve results by connecting people. I bring energy and always listen very carefully to my intuition. In my case that's future leadership!
Name: Nicole Beuken
Profession & company: Independent chairman of the PME pension fund / supervisory director & non-executive director of pension funds
Quote: Given the disruptive developments in our society, partly as a result of technology that is developing faster and faster, current knowledge and experience is becoming less and less relevant and competences are becoming increasingly important. This includes flexibility, capacity to change, capacity to adapt, creativity and being open minded. Leaders of the future don't know better than their employees. They should be guides and lead by example on this journey through an unknown world.”
Name: Eric Huizing
Profession & company: VP Investments | Ahold Delhaize
Quote: "Future leadership consists out of listening to and learning from people, then developing your own authentic vision and ultimately motivating your colleagues to join you on your journey."
Name: Krista Nauta
Profession & company: Director| Pensionfunds ABP and PH&C
Quote: "Future leaders inspire and enthuse with their vision. They give confidence to employees to walk the road to success through trial and error."
Name: Eric Kemperman
Profession & company: Chairman Supervisory Board | Woonforte
Quote: "Not all knowledge fits into one head. Future leaders dare to make contact with their heart, they connect with the team and offer space and security. They are averse to hierarchy in itself, they need a healthy dose of self-knowledge and reflection. Making subjects simple and lighten up where possible, including humor. They take a step forward when necessary."
Name: Gert Jan Fritzsche
Profession & company: CEO | Scildon
Quote: "Leaders of the future stay true to themselves and coach their colleagues to do the same."
Name: Ruben Wenselaar
Profession & company: Chairman of the board | Menzis
Quote: "Leadership to me means being able to think and act from a broader perspective than your own organisation and position. Contributing to the public interest should be an important and guiding objective for all organisations, especially for those within the public domain."
Name: Kenan Yildirim
Profession & company: Managing Director | Shell Pensions NL
Quote: "Leaders allow people to get the best out of themselves and add value to the bigger picture."
Name: Jochem Dijckmeester
Profession & company: Chairman | Pensionfund PGB
Quote: "Leadership requires an eye for diversity. Bring together different opinions, other views on the world en different ways of working together. In short: be open to people who might not agree with you and with each other. Bringing together different people and have them work as a team. This type of leadership creates new ideas and new solutions."
Name: Arthur van der Wal
Profession & company: CEO | Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance
Quote: "You are a leader by personality and it is not determined by hierarchy. A leader wonders if he/she is a match with the organisation and the challenges ahead. A leader surrounds himself/herself with the right people who fit the challege for a certain period of time. A leader provides direction, spaces and trust. A leader leaves before being asked to do so."
Name: Mohamed Baba
Profession & company: Chairman of the board | Haag Wonen
Quote: "Leadership is about trust, surprising, connecting and giving direction with the purpose of making a difference."