Private Equity & Familiebedrijven

The Dutch culture is entrepreneurial in origin. And amazing family businesses and SMEs are flourishing to this day. Meanwhile, new start-ups emerge and rapidly grow to become scale-ups. Disruptive business models, new revenue models and themes such as sustainability and corporate social responsibility are becoming part of more and more companies’ raison d’etre.

While Venture Capital focuses on start-ups, scale-ups and growing companies in industries such as (bio)tech and sustainability, Private Equity mostly focuses on established businesses with the potential for continued growth through transformation.

We observe a staggering growth in the number of investment firms active in the market. The investment landscape of large, established names has become a lot more diverse due to the arrival of a new generation investors. Investment decisions are no longer driven by hard data alone. The soft side, the people in the management team, the culture, values and visions are becoming increasingly important.

We are always asking our principals about where they stand and where they want to go. We immerse ourselves in the companies to experience what ingredients are still missing to facilitate transformation and continued growth. This allows us to find the very best leaders for our principals in order to deliver on their aspired development.

Track record