Dewi Achwarizmi

“Change the way you look at things
and the things you look at change."

Whyz & Dewi

Curiosity is what drives Dewi. Having grown up in a multicultural family and travelled the world with her family for the past 20 years, people, cultures, backgrounds and diversity are of great interest to Dewi.

After studying Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam, and a short career in the Netherlands at Schiphol and Reed Elsevier, among others, a new and challenging period started in 2001. Together with her husband, she left the routine and predictability of life behind and moved abroad. The four countries in the 20 consecutive years namely Korea, India, Hong Kong and Belgium taught her that it is great and sometimes difficult to deal with different frames of reference. What is normal in the Netherlands is sometimes not at all in Korea. As a result, you look at the world, but also at the Netherlands, with a different perspective. Because of the different countries and relocations, Dewi is able to switch quickly, be flexible and has an open and curious view of the world and the people around her. She is an energetic go-getter and loves to look for people's authenticity and use it to empower them.

Besides her family and work, Dewi has a great passion for cooking, food and health. From this background, she trained as a health coach. As a health coach, she seeks a balance between nutrition, exercise, relationships, career and relaxation; mind and body! In this capacity, she organizes workshops on healthy food in her spare time.


Keywords: Energetic | Open-minded | Curious
Broad experience in the field of: People | Cultures | Events

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Dewi Achwarizmi