Esther Stomphorst

"You can make life as fun as you want it to be."

Whyz & Esther

Born and raised in a family business, I built my career in the real estate sector. I am a connector, I want to understand the other, bring people and interests together to paint an even better picture of the whole. That is the common thread in my life, that is who I am.

I became part of a supervisory board at a young age and fulfilled roles in senior management and management boards. I understand the dynamics of companies and I have a passion to further develop a company and its people from a vision. I have an unprecedented curiosity for people, companies and the developments around us. The lesson I've learned from my various postitions is that we need to be more mindful about building leadership teams for businesses to be successful. As a result, I made the choice to delve into executive search.

To me, Whyz is the place where it all comes together. My passion to connect. My curiosity about everything around me. My experience in family businesses, multinationals and from start-up to the (semi) public sector. And the desire to use that experience to be a sparring partner for my clients and help them shape their human capital even better. In addition, I firmly believe in the power of a well-composed leadership team.

Our Whyz team knows how to find the best people out there and entice them to join a new team to develop themselves over and over again. As part of Whyz I want to be a real partner for my clients. I offer a large network in private equity, venture capital, start-ups and scale-ups, family businesses, real estate and multinationals. I bring experience in innovation, technology, digitization, the manufacturing industry, B2B and B2C, logistics and e-commerce. I develop with my clients, immerse myself in the issues that are important to them, and I am there when they need me to be.

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Esther Stomphorst